What's the best way to get information on an upcoming game? Go to the source, of course.

We're always looking for new information regarding Haze , which seems to have 762 different release dates but still captures our attention. After all, the early trailers and screenshots we've seen have been most impressive, so we're hoping for a stellar FPS experience. Over at Free Radical Design's official site , a FRD employee apparently had "nothing better to do" than answer some letters from readers. In response to one message – "Haze looks [like[ an unimaginative excuse to run and gun. Persuade me otherwise" – the employee responded as follows:

Well, it's not much, but it's certainly more details than we had yesterday. Perhaps most intriguing on that list is the mention of significant downloadable content, which is always a big bonus for many gamers looking to increase the value of their purchase. We're wondering what Free Radical has in store for us in that department, so maybe they can be persuaded to talk at length about that subject in the near future. Then again, maybe not…we still have no idea when the game is scheduled to arrive. Maybe he could answer that, too.

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