Quantic Dream has been pretty tight-lipped about their newest project, Heavy Rain , because all we have so far is a brief trailer and a movie poster, and neither really tell us much about the actual game. However, according to Excel Gaming Network and other sources, the developer has talked a bit about the technical aspects of the title, and how they want a more "theatrical experience" that would be similar to a real Hollywood production. For those in-the-know, you're already aware of Quantic's emphasis on top-notch motion-capturing, and that should be outstanding once again in Heavy Rain .

Obviously, this means the team is going to need real actors capable of delivering a worthy performance. Games are rapidly getting better and better in this area, as we saw excellent acting performances from games like Heavenly Sword , Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and The Darkness in 2007. Quantic may take things to yet another level, though, as they're rumored to be in contact with a variety of A-list actors including Leonardo DiCaprio. That would be just another step for the industry, wouldn't you say? This is relatively big news, but some are still wondering why this project should be limited to the PlayStation 3. Why did Quantic Dream choose to make Heavy Rain a PS3 exclusive?

Well, first off, Sony is publishing the game, so that right there is a hint. But there are some legitimate tech-related reasons as well- the Cell processor is a beast when it comes to the mathematics the team will require for this game's physics. Furthermore, in a recent interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Quantic co-founder Guillaume de Fondaumière said it's "extremely difficult to create games of the same visual quality" on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. In the end, he admits you just have to throw a lot of money at the problem to insure very similar versions on both platforms; either that, or you end with lesser quality ports. Clearly, Quantic believes the PS3 is the system that will help them realize their vision of Heavy Rain , and they're going to focus all their attention on making it great.

The game details remain hazy to say the least, but from what little we've seen, it appears to have a dark, intense atmosphere similar to that of Indigo Prophecy . But that's about all we know. The good news is that Quantic is evidently working on "something playable," so perhaps we'll see a demo on the PlayStation Store in the near future. Heavy Rain only has a "TBA 2008" release date, but some are wondering if "TBA 2009" isn't more accurate. We'll keep you apprised of any new info on the game, and when/if they decide to throw up a demo.

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