Sometimes, a delay isn't because the team has hit a development snag, but because the publisher has simply selected a more strategic launch time.

According to TheGameReviews, Ubisoft has unfortunately kicked off the new year with the announcement that three of their biggest 2008 titles have been delayed. Far Cry 2 , Tom Clancy's EndWar and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway now have the very vague release window of "2008 fiscal year," which means we won't see them until April at the earliest. A variety of sources have said this is not due to development snafus, but because Ubisoft wants to "fill the shelves" with other games to assist in increasing revenue before their financial reports come up on February 23. In other news, the publisher plans to ramp up their original sales predictions for the smash hit Assassin's Creed , which has already flown past their current prediction of 3 million copies sold. The new prediction? 5 million copies. Yes, the game really is that good.

We'll let you know as soon as Ubisoft sees fit to assign actual release dates to the three aforementioned titles, but for now, you'll just have to be happy with "TBA 2008."

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