The holidays is always a very busy time of year for everyone, but we find it difficult to believe we could've missed the official announcement of a Grand Theft Auto IV release date. See, we're pretty sure it's not official, but even so, we're wondering if a source has some sort of inside knowledge that nobody else knows about.

In order to make sure you're fully updated on the ongoing saga of the GTAIV release date, let us refresh your memory:

— Australian game site GamePlayer reports that online retailer Games Warehouse has assigned a date and price to Rockstar's massively anticipated title: March 15 and AU$108.95 for the standard edition; AU$149.95 for the Collectors Edition. In a bizarre twist, the standard edition of the PS3 version supposedly retails for AU$119.95. Since the story hit, none of this has been confirmed by Rockstar or Take-Two.

— European site MCVUK reports that the UK release date for GTAIV is April 25 , according to sources "close to the game's publisher." Well, those sources have gone mute since the story arrived, and again, nothing about this is confirmed.

— In easily the most concrete news regarding a GTAIV release date, Take-Two revealed the game would hit store shelves some time between February and March . This was mentioned following the publisher's final quarter fiscal results, and is probably true. But we still see no exact date in there.

And now, GameTrailers has quietly added their own date for the game: March 3 . …did we miss something? Is this a placeholder date, like the ones GameStop and Amazon uses for pre-orders? But if so, how come those guys aren't using that date? still lists GTAIV with an April 30 release, and GameStop says it ships on April 1. GameTrailers just posted a video where GT supposedly teamed up with Rockstar; could this mean they have some inside info? Well, we don't know, but we do know we have yet another GTAIV release date to investigate. Yay.

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