While the PS3 version of The Orange Box didn't turn out as bad as initially anticipated, it's still inferior to the PC and Xbox 360 versions due to a serious number of bugs. Several upset owners of the PS3 version have posted their negative feedback on Valve's forums, which has now incited a response from a Valve employee.

"I hope that we will be able to correct any major issues in the future," was the reply, which could point towards the possibility of a patch. We're still awaiting that patch from Ubisoft that would've corrected the numerous freezing issues we encountered in Assassin's Creed , so let's hope Valve works a bit faster. Then again, maybe he's just referring to a future Half-Life series installment that'll be better on the PS3, and not a patch for The Orange Box . We really don't know as he didn't go into specifics, but we'll just hope for the best.

And remember, part of the blame definitely falls in EA's lap as well; they took over the reigns from Valve for the PS3 version of the game. You may recall that EA had serious problems with the PlayStation 3 hardware in 2007 ('cough' Madden 'cough'), so it's no real surprise to see a screwy PS3 version of Valve/EA's The Orange Box . Oh well… Killzone 2 should make PS3 owners happy.

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