Every once in a while, gamers are on exactly the same wavelength. But we'd like to go with another old adage – it's more flattering to us at PSXE – that says, quite simply, "great minds think alike."

We've been having an absolute blast with Naughty Dog's fantastic action/adventure title, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune . In fact, we liked it so much, we just had to award it the co-winner of our prestigious Game of the Year award for 2007. A few minutes ago, we stumbled across a video blog by Eat Sleep Play founder David Jaffe, who has always been one of our favorite guys in the industry. While watching, we quickly realized we agreed with just about everything he was saying. Jaffe heaps some much-deserved praise on Uncharted , calling the main character "completely fleshed out," and he was also clearly impressed with the production value. In general, he highlighted just about everything we noted about the game, and that includes the one issue I have noticed (especially early on): the pacing. Personally, I believed the gunfights were too frequent and too lengthy, but I certainly understand Jaffe's point…it does make a lot of sense, you have to admit.

I stand by my opinion that the gunfights were over-abundant, but you should really give a listen to that video blog. We certainly enjoyed listening to his candid thoughts on a game we find equally entertaining. You may want to take a peek at the game that shared our GoY 2007 award…yep, it's Jaffe's brainchild, God of War II . We repeat- great minds think alike.

Watch Jaffe's Uncharted video blog .

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