As usual, we tend to look towards retailers for release date information and updates, if only to get a general idea of a title's possible launch. We all know they love to use "placeholder" dates in order to accept pre-orders, but even so, it's good to see actual numbers next to the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots name.

If you were in a GameStop today, you may have been asked if you'd like to pre-purchase a game (the employees love to ask that question). You probably thought about it for a second, then shook your head and replied in the negative…not knowing that you could now pre-order MGS4! That's right, you can reserve your copy of what is arguably the most anticipated game of the year (we say "arguably" because of games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Gran Turismo 5 ) for a mere $5. The release date? June 17, 2008. That's a little past where we were hoping to see Konami's almost guaranteed masterpiece, but we'll take it.

Unfortunately, none of the GameStops we contacted had any details on a Limited or Collectors edition, which associate producer Ryan Payton hinted at just recently. At this time, you can only pre-order a standard edition, but that oughta be good enough for you. As soon as Konami wants to fill us in on any special edition packages, we'll be sure to let you know, and in the meantime, celebrate MGS4's imminent arrival!

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