We normally hate doing news about game delays (they're just so annoying), but this one isn't too bad. Besides, it'll give us more time to catch up on all the games we landed for the holidays, right?

According to the latest release schedule from Sega, Condemned 2: Bloodshot has been pushed back about a month. Originally, the horrifying sequel was planned for February but now has a March 2008 estimated release. If you don't remember, the original was exclusively for the Xbox 360 – a launch title in 2005 – but the second entry will be available for both PS3 and 360. In this one, you will play as Ethan Thomas, a former Serial Crimes Unit investigator who has been asked to return to duty in an effort to locate his missing partner. Much like in the first title, the game will have you handling a variety of weapons; everything from heavy, blunt objects to automatic weapons. There will even be a brand new set of high-tech forensic tools, which will help you solve the murders you investigate.

Without any doubt, it'll be dark, creepy and very survival/horror-ish with more of an action-oriented focus. We'll try to nail down an exact release date for Condemned 2: Bloodshot , but for now, all we know is it's scheduled for some time in March.

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