After a bit of a rocky start, GameFly is just getting better and better. As long-time subscribers, we were there when they only had the West-coast distribution center, but we've watched as they opened up several East-coast distribution centers and our games now come in the mail within 2-3 days. Furthermore, the disc quality appears to be increasing, and you just can't beat their used game prices. But the rental/retailer is now offering an even better deal for a limited time:

It's their Year-End Sale on all Pre-Played games, featuring greatly reduced prices (up to 50% off!), a brand new case and manual, and their 100% reliability guarantee. Furthermore, the shipping is free, but all this only lasts until January 4. We suggest you get hopping. You have to remember that this offer officially makes buying used games with GameFly far better than anywhere else: not only do you get the box and manual, but their used game prices have always been cheaper than GameStop's. See, GameStop likes to give you 1/3 of the actual value in trade, than turn around and sell it used for only $5 less than new. Interesting little business scheme, but still annoying for most consumers.

Now, you may not have noticed, but there are plenty of short but great games out there; titles that aren't worth the full $60 price of admission. Well, if you want to pick 'em up at a much lower cost, now's the time to act through GameFly. Check it out!

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