Most old-school fans were happy to hear about Golden Axe 's next-gen debut in the form of Golden Axe: Beast Rider . The classic arcade title that spawned multiple installments was always in 2D, and always provided players with that non-stop side-scrolling action we all knew and loved.

But Sega's newest Golden Axe is a very different breed – not surprisingly – as they will be implementing more modern elements into Beast Rider . The ability to roam around on your chosen steed, for example, plus the likelihood of a character upgrade/advancement system makes the latest entry a very current production. Furthermore, Sega has now launched the official site , which shows us the game is scheduled to arrive for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in "summer 2008." There isn't much more information right now, but you can always sign up to receive updates.

We like the idea of Beast Rider , and while there will only be one main character in this one – that Amazonian hottie pictured here – we still believe it'll maintain some of its original roots. Stay tuned for more details, which will hopefully begin to arrive in January.

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