Oh, what now ?

For whatever reason, we're just all over the damn place in regards to a Haze release date. This is getting worse than the Grand Theft Auto IV release mystery, and we're hearing nothing new from Ubisoft regarding the PS3-exclusive FPS. However, we always keep you apprised of all the latest developments concerning the biggest upcoming titles, and we've found more evidence of an estimated release date for Haze . According to this page at the European Ubisoft website , it seems the game is now scheduled for January. …how, we have no idea, and at this point, we don't know what to believe.

You may recall our previous story , which included yet another link to the UbiStore. You can check it out again if you wish; as you can see, that date still sits at "August 2008." Now, we'd like to assume both dates are just placeholders for pre-orders, but there's an awfully big difference between January and August. Could someone please give us a more accurate estimate than "some time in the first 8 months of 2008?" This is getting rather silly, Ubisoft. Wouldn't you agree?

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