Initially, we had hoped to see Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in 2007, but the publisher was forced to delay the gigantic blockbuster until 2008. In the meantime, rumors of both a playable demo for the PlayStation Store and an official Collectors Edition have been circulating almost non-stop.

The game's assistant producer, Ryan Payton, has often spoken up about MGS4, and evidently, he recently posted up some public details over at the NeoGAF forums. Said Payton-

"Considering how much we’ve changed since TGS/E for All, it would be a huge undertaking to create a new demo. Sorry guys. On a brighter note, we’re working really hard to solidify plans for a limited edition SKU. Coordinating our ideas with Konami JP, US, and EU is a big challenge, considering the simultaneous worldwide launch, strict retail rules on packaging, etc."

Payton also wants to insure the game's status as a landmark achievement in the industry, and wants everyone to focus on its inherent quality. Obviously, we all have the highest of hopes for MGS4, so it's no surprise that the assistant producer also holds some lofty aspirations.

"Wish me luck in 2008 as I try to divert attention away from MGS4 being a killer app “weapon” against competitors in our industry, but rather focus on the game being a big step for the game industry as a whole. I hope MGS4 will prove to millions of people that games are to be celebrated, not spat on by politicians and mainstream media."

Don't worry Ryan, we're with ya. We celebrate the industry every damn day at PSXE, and we ain't gonna stop any time soon. Oh, and make sure MGS4 kicks everyone's ass! We can do without a playable demo provided that happens, and we look forward to hearing more about a potential Collectors Edition.

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