Yeah, you're probably well aware that last week's PlayStation 3 firmware update 2.1 delivered support for the DivX video codec, but you probably weren't aware of something else; something almost hidden beneath the surface.

As Gamasutra learned, there's a brand new space-themed music visualizer that comes with firmware 2.1, and it lets you see the motion of music in a whole new way. If you've got a horde of new CDs from your Christmas haul, perhaps you'll want to try this out, because there's nothing cooler than a space theme, right? Perhaps the days of the American public being obsessed with space travel are long gone, but that doesn't mean the great black beyond isn't beautiful and mysterious. This new tool was created by Q-Games (they developed PixelJunk Racers ), and PR manager Duncan Flett said it actually enjoyed an initial stint as the boot sequence for the PS3. The Gamasutra article also tells us that all that gorgeous texture data came from the NASA Blue Marble project – we're on it, ya dopes – so space fans, it's time to blend music with the vastness of space!

So if you've downloaded the latest firmware update (and you should've by now, industrious gamer), go find this sweet little feature and test it out.

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