We've all been anxiously awaiting Wipeout HD , which marks the continuation and next-gen debut of the critically acclaimed futuristic racing franchise. Scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation Store some time next year – and supposedly a prelude to a full Wipeout PS3 title soon after – we've been itching for more info and details. Well, we just got it, courtesy of PlayFrance.

Thanks to new images posted up on the French gaming site today, we get a fresh new look at the game, and it's visually outstanding. People are already talking about it, especially because we've learned the game will be shown in brilliant 1080p high definition! Oh wait, did we mention we'd get 1080p with that ultra-smooth frame rate (60fps) the series is so well known for? Yeah, we do. Fast, smooth and beautiful; that's the motto for Wipeout HD , and we just can't wait to get our hands on it. Straight from the French interview, there are several other interesting tidbits about the promising title-

Firstly, they've only been working on the game for less than a year, and they started with a small team of only six people. The development group has grown to around 30 now, with 3 having worked on the original Wipeout back in the PS1 days. Given the fact that Wipeout HD is essentially a remake of the PSP games ( Pure and Pulse ), perhaps you're not quite as impressed… But make no mistake; with this unbelievable look, it won't feel anything like the handheld entries. Lastly, you can expect some great music in Wipeout HD : tracks from Mason, DJ Fresh, Stanton Warriors and Kraftwerk will be included, and they will have the benefit of 5.1 surround sound.

The more we hear – and see – about this game, the more excited we get. Now all we need is a release date! Come on, guys, pretty please?

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