Square-Enix has been celebrating Final Fantasy 's 20th anniversary throughout 2007, and with only a few days left in the year, they have provided fans with yet another must-have collectible.

As you can see at Amazon's Japanese website ,
the veteran RPG publisher has released a Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary history book. Featured in its vibrant pages are loads of images, information and never-before-heard details on our favorite FF titles (including all the way up to Final Fantasy XII ). Obviously, Square-Enix is known for top-notch production value, so you can expect that glossy veneer from the book as well; this isn't the first FF-based book that Square-Enix has given their loyal followers, either. Perhaps some of you remember the lovely art book they released along with Final Fantasy IX …?

Anyway, this appears to only be for Japan, so you'll have to speak Japanese and pay in yen. If that's okay with you, the cost is 2,625 yen, which translates to about $23. For hardcore fans of the series, this is definitely a worthwhile investment, because you can never have too much FF.

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