We knew they had been confirmed for the US, and we knew they'd be arriving some time "early next year." However, according to one source, Sony has already started shipping the PlayStation Store Cards to retailers! Sure, it's too late for Christmas, but it's still early.

One Kotaku member, Aerfox, has reported that the US Army base in Aberdeen, Maryland has these little beauties on the store shelf. As of now, he only noticed the $20 card; we're not sure if there will be other increments available, or a custom card that allows the purchaser to put any amount on the card. But for now, it's just good to know the cards are already popping up in certain places around the country. If you're not familiar, the Store Card allows you to buy things from the PlayStation Store without the use of a credit card. It's basically like an online gift card, so if you've always wanted some of those full titles like Pain or flOw but didn't have the means, you'll want to seek out these cards. So long as you've got the cash, you can buy anything you wish from the Store.

We'll let you know if other people start seeing these around, and we'll also keep a sharp lookout ourselves. And if you made a slight error and forgot a fellow gamer this holiday season, a PlayStation Store Card would make for a very nice, "damn, I'm sorry you're getting this late" gift.

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