Did you get Rock Band as a gift this year? If so, are you already hooked? Have you jammed your way through all the songs that come with the game, and find yourself thirsting for more? Well, have no fear; Harmonix has revealed the next five songs that will be available for download on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. This little list has some good variety, too.

We get two songs from 30 Seconds to Mars, two more from the All-American Rejects, and a cool extra song by The Sounds. Each of these will only cost you a mere buck ($0.99), which means you can attempt to conquer five more tracks for a very, very reasonable price. Here are the five songs that will be ready for the Marketplace this week and for the Store some time next week:

We hope you've got a few friends who have already set aside some time to rock out, because Harmonix will likely keep the extra content coming. Have fun, wannabe stage Gods!

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