Viva la resistance! Word has come around that Sony has registered Resistance 2 as a protected trademark, thanks to the keen eyes who run Trademork. And upon looking at the Trademark Assistance Center, there is indeed an entry for Resistance 2 that was filed on the 18th of December, and accepted shortly after on the 21st.

Now, as far details on the game, they are sketchy. We can expect the obvious out of multiplayer, such as addition of vehicles, new weapons, improved interface and 40 players simultaneously. But we aren't quite sure of what the story will be like. A rumor suggests the game will take place in the United States this time around, shortly following the events occurring in England, and that Sgt. Nathan Hale will reprise his role.

But that's just hot air we can't confirm, as it comes from a blogger that goes by the name of "Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars," who claims an anonymous source close to Insomniac Games told her. Well, hopefully we'll be finding out soon. If Sony's only now filed a trademark for the sequel, I don't imagine that it's very far into production, but perhaps I'm wrong.

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