Looking for a last-minute gift idea for that gamer friend of yours? Having difficulty locating a game he actually doesn't have? Well, what about a great soundtrack for a great game?

Valve has released an official soundtrack for their fantastic FPS production, The Orange Box , and it's now available at their online store for you to purchase. It only costs $9.95, and this compilation is well worth the price of admission. It features more than a few tracks from every title included in the box (Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2), and that's excellent news for those who are currently enjoying the game. This title boasts some surprisingly top-notch music for a FPS, so it's a must-own for avid players of what most sources are calling a Game of the Year nominee. Sure, you might not get this one before Christmas comes calling tomorrow, but hey, a late gift is better than no gift at all.

For future reference, savvy holiday shoppers, there are many game soundtracks out there, and they often make for a solid – and cheaper – option in comparison to an actual video game. We gamers really enjoy some of the better music we hear when playing, so soundtracks like these are great additions to our library.

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