That Burnout Paradise demo was met with wide critical acclaim and most are awfully excited about the final product. However, there was some light criticism here and there, and Criterion recently addressed such negative feedback by clarifying a few key points.

Firstly, several demo-testers were a bit miffed at the lack of a "retry" option in the game's races, which is understandable. After all, without such an option, repeated failure could become outrageously frustrating. However, Criterion's Alex Ward said the game is simply "better off" without a "retry" option, primarily because it would require a load screen and the team "hates loading with a passion." Yeah, well, wouldn't it still be shorter than having to exit and restart the entire event over…? Or is that inaccurate? Anyway, one other thing Ward wanted to mention is the new Crash Mode – it's now called Showtime – as he said it's "better than anything ever." At least it's good to see he's excited about his creation, right?

Lastly, in response to questions about Paradise City and how close it may come to combining action/adventure with racing, Ward was quick to clarify: it's all about the gameplay. He said the city was "hand built" and will deliver one heck of a seamless experience.

Other games feature huge spaces with tons of repetition – whilst technically nice we didn't feel that was right for our game – so we hand built the city. It may be smaller than other games but it runs at twice the framerate, has no loading, and features WAY more gameplay than ANY other open world game out there. We have always believed that GAMEPLAY comes first."

Wow, really? What a novel idea! Eh, we're just being sarcastic; we're sure Burnout Paradise is going to be excellent, and it's always good to see a developer provide feedback on feedback.

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