Ever since it was unveiled earlier this year at the Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig, European gamers have been hoping to hear more about PlayTV. Scheduled exclusively for Europe, this nifty little accessory received a rumored price (£70) and estimated release window (between January and April 2008) in a recent edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine. But if Play.com's sources are accurate, both a date and price have been solidified.

Just as a reminder, PlayTV is a box that will allow the PS3 to become a TV recorder – similar to the likes of TiVo or DVR – and you can actually control the box remotely with the PSP. It's a damn sweet idea, and one that Euro gamers have been excited about for months. According to Play.com, the price is "confirmed" at 154.99 Euros and it will hit store shelves on March 28, 2008. Now, we haven't heard anything official from Sony, so for now, we simply have to say it's a rumor. But if it's true, it's good news for European PS3 (and PSP) owners, 'cuz it's really not that far off. The price might sound a touch high, but it's not too terrible; PlayTV is a very significant add-on to a video game system, isn't it?

We'll be looking for more evidence that will help us clarify that date and price, and if we find it, we'll be sure to post it up. In the meantime, imagine all the cool things you could do with PlayTV…

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