The holidays usually makes everyone think of nice things; a roaring fire in the hearth on a freezing cold night, warm family feelings around the Christmas tree, children with rosy cheeks and sparkles in their eyes, etc, etc, etc. Yeah, well, Guerilla is saying Happy Holidays in their own way, as you can see by their exclusive greeting card.

Just recently posted up over at the official Killzone site , this very cool – and borderline comical – card can be printed out or set as a wallpaper for your PlayStation 3. All you need is system update 1.90 or higher for your system, and you can adopt this holiday-themed Killzone 2 picture as your new background. Or, if you're late on sending out holiday cards and you've got some gamer friends, maybe you just want to print it out and drop it in the mail. It'd be one heck of a surprise, wouldn't it? Game-oriented greeting cards…who would expect that?

Perhaps we'll be seeing more news on Killzone 2 before long – the rumor of that beta dropping in "mid-2008" still needs to be clarified – but for now, we'll just accept this little holiday gift. We assume Guerilla has been working pretty hard all year, so we figure they deserve a break, anyway.

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