We've been looking forward to Haze for quite a while, and were disappointed to learn it wouldn't make it this year. This is the game that contains Nectar, a mysterious substance that alters humans and turns them into super-powerful and super-fast warriors. Take too much of it, though, and it's just like any other drug; there are significant consequences. In this way, it goes beyond the typical first-person shooter.

Better yet, it's scheduled to arrive first on the PS3 (much like Unreal Tournament 3 ). Unfortunately, we really have no idea when the release is, as the highly anticipated title has been pushed back into 2008 several times. Officially, it still sits at "Q1 2008," which could mean any time between January and April. However, if Play.com is to be believed, the launch of Haze is a lot closer to the first part of that quarter; their countdown to the game's release is posted as 28 days. Obviously, this would put the game's release at January 18. Now, that would make us plenty happy, but this is hardly official or confirmed.

Bear in mind that this release date only applies to the UK, so even if it is January 18, that doesn't necessarily mean US gamers will see it on the same day. We'd like to make that assumption, but you know what happens when we assume…

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