No, it wasn't ready for the game's launch a month ago, but at least they got it up before the holidays were over. Harmonix has revealed that the community features at the official Rock Band site have gone live. All you rockers out there had to wait a bit longer than you may have expected, but as always- better late than never.

While you're examining the newly updated site, you'll probably notice all the cool stuff you can now do. First up, you can link your account to either your PlayStation Network ID or Xbox Live gamertag, so as to share characters, bands and high scores with your friends. Beyond that, if you think you're a bad-ass at this game and want to compare your best scores to the rest of the Rock Band community, feel free. Just don't be surprised if you see some true shredders on there! For the truly hardcore, you can delve even deeper by starting up your own blog and posting pictures of yourself – presumably rockin' out with the game – so as to impress the other players. …we can't imagine you'd be posting up embarrassing pictures.

Remember this if you've asked for Rock Band as a gift, and you open it up in a few days time. You know you'll want to check out the site first to get yourself all squared away. The game doesn't win awards for nothing, you know!

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