As you might expect, the last PlayStation Store update before Christmas is chock full of goodies, so let's not waste any more time. Some of this, including the Warhawk: Omega Dawn booster pack and the highly anticipated Snakeball , you've been expecting, but don't forget about all the other content. There's plenty of it…you could spend from now 'til Christmas downloading it all!

Here's the full list of Store updates for this week:


PS1 Classics

Game Demos


Game Videos

Movie/Blu-Ray Trailers



We've heard you might actually have to download the Snakeball demo first before you can actually purchase the full game…we have no idea why, but that's what we heard. Also, there was some question about the ESRB rating a game called Warhawk for the PSP, but it seems it's explained here, as it has been added as a downloadable PS1 classic. As you know, these can be played on your PSP, so that's that. Have fun downloading all this!

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