Eidos has suffered from some terrible press ever since the Kane & Lynch: Dead Men /GameSpot ordeal, so it's no surprise they want to start the buzz over another upcoming title. This one is definitely promising, too, and it now has a release date.

The publisher has announced that Conflict: Denied Ops will ship for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on February 12, 2008. Developed by Pivotal Games, this one allows players to take control of two gun-toting super-humans at the same time. It may sound similar to Kane & Lynch , but we've heard there will be some significant differences in the gameplay. Initial feedback from early previews hasn't been overwhelmingly promising, and Pivotal isn't exactly known for creating top-notch, "AAA" titles. Still, the concept remains solid, so let's hope we get an entertaining game worthy of our money. K&L was okay, but it certainly didn't live up to the hype, so let's hope this shooter surpasses expectations.

We're crossing our fingers in the hopes that Conflict: Denied Ops will be on our "must-have" list for the first quarter next year, primarily because we're all kinds of optimistic at PSXE. No, really.

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