'Tis the season, so says Sony and the Folklore team.

According to the latest post by the game's associate producer Eric Fong over at the official PlayStation blog, we can expect a holiday-themed expansion pack for one of our favorite and most atmospheric action/adventure titles. It will be available this week on the PlayStation Store, and here's the good news- you can download it entirely free of charge! Included in the pack are two new costumes for Ellen and Keats (only one guess what holiday they'll be representing), a brand new quest for Keats called "Holy Night Visitor," and a new Folk; the "Grab Bag." Ah yes, another holiday reference, and we get the feeling this little "monster" might come in awfully handy during battle. But is he going to be random? For example, reach inside and see what kind of attack we get? That'd be weird…

Anyway, we expect to see this pack hit on Thursday, as this is the typical "Store Update Day." It's free and it's packed with good cheer, so pour yourself another cup of eggnog and download more Folklore fun later this week.

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