How badly do you want God of War III ? Bad enough to pre-order it immediately? Then you might be interested to know has issued an approximate release date for the game – just a placeholder – and therefore, you can now pre-purchase it!

If you're an eager consumer and want to insure you receive your copy of the hottest action game of the year (whether that's 2008 or 2009), than visit Amazon to take care of business. Now, you may notice that November 15, 2008 release date, but don't listen to any rumors or hearsay; that's nothing more than an estimate generated for the purpose of accepting pre-orders. We contacted Sony about the GoWIII launch, and they just said "there is nothing new to report" at this time. Therefore, no date is official, but that doesn't change the fact- you can guarantee your copy today!

As soon as Sony issues a real release date for God of War III , we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, replay the second entry to tide you over. That would be our suggestion.

Pre-Order God of War III Here!

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