When will Grand Theft Auto IV release? It's the million-dollar question these days, and the answer seems to change with every passing day.

This time, we have news from across the pond regarding the launch of GTAIV, as MCVUK says the European release date sits at April 25. According to sources "close to the game's publisher," the highly anticipated action/adventure title will miss the Easter period completely and hit store shelves for Take-Two's second financial quarter. This would fit in nicely with the only official estimation the company has issued, but could it also mean North America gets the game earlier? Just recently, we learned that GTAIV was scheduled to arrive some time between February and March , presumably for the US. Of course, Rockstar doesn't comment on "rumor and speculation," so nothing is confirmed right now, but the contrasts sure are interesting.

We have no idea what or who to believe at this point, but both Take-Two and Rockstar remain mute on the issue. Chances are, they're still sticking to their "Q2 2008" release window, as they don't want to make the same mistake twice. That whole "October 16, 2007" fiasco wasn't even close, and they've already said they won't provide another release date until they're 100% confident. Until then, let the debate continue.

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