MTV's first publishing foray into the video game world came just recently with Harmonix's Rock Band , and they're not about to stop there. Variety reports that MTV has "forged an exclusive pact with Jerry Bruckheimer to produce video games," which is yet another first; the very first deal any film or TV producer has made in the game industry.

The two parties will co-own this new gaming studio and…well, they'll make games. And we know what you're thinking, but they say they're not about to focus on games based on Bruckheimer's movies, perhaps because the rights to those films are usually owned by other studios. MTV will act as publisher for whatever titles this new studio produces, and it seems Bruckheimer is aiming to become a name in the video game world. He just isn't satisfied with being one of the biggest movie producers in the world, but hey, ambition is never a bad thing. And remember, this guy has some serious connections in the world of entertainment, so that automatically gives his new studio a big boost.

"When I moved to TV, I got people from features (i.e., movies) to join, and I plan to rely on the same talent pool and marry them with the gaming community," he told Daily Variety.

Sounds good to us, even though Bruckheimer and MTV haven't spoken yet about any planned game projects. MTV executive VP Jeff Yapp said they're not looking at any one genre, and that the freshly formed team might work on "virtual worlds and casual, downloadable games as well as major console releases." Well, we've no doubt Bruckheimer can find the necessary talent, but as he's new to this industry, what can we expect from his games? Only time will tell.

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