The latest PS3 firmware update is available, and soon, we'll have another version of the wildly popular [email protected] program. This update boasts a couple new and very significant features; ones that will likely entice even more users to "fold" when away from their system.

The first one is an auto-shutdown feature, which will allow the user to provide a shutdown time for the console. Basically, you just go to the Settings menu, select Automatic Shutdown and then After Current. A little clock will appear, and you can set it to however long you wish; when the clock hits zero, the machine will automatically turn off. It will first send all acquired data back to Stanford University, of course. You can disable the timer whenever you wish, but this works best if you don't want to have your PS3 running throughout the night.

The second feature spices up the whole Folding experience. The program will now come with its own music player; simply select Music and then a channel. Each channel is automatically populated with any songs you might have loaded onto the hard drive, and you can always skip between them by using a combination of the X button and directional pad. And when you turn off the program, your selected play list will be saved for the next time. Obviously, this feature can also be disabled, but if you're doing chores around the house and you want some music on, you might as well be Folding at the same time, right?

Expect to see this new update for [email protected] arrive "soon." We'll let you know when it drops.

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