The saga of the much-debated Grand Theft Auto IV release date continues.

Take-Two Interactive posted up its final quarter results for the fiscal year in 2007, and net revenue came in at $292.6 million, up from the $266.6 million they posted for the final quarter last year. Take-Two also managed to trim losses and enjoyed better-than-expected sales from several titles, which were led by 2K Boston's Bioshock and NBA 2K8 . But that's just the boring business part. The interesting stuff came in a post-earnings conference call, according to GameSpot. This is when Take-Two reaffirmed that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTAIV would ship simultaneously (definitely no Wii version), and the game is scheduled to arrive between February and March.

Now, this seems earlier than previously anticipated. Up until now, Take-Two would only issue a tentative "Q2 2008" release window, which would indicate the title might be available by April 1 at the earliest. February and March lie in the first quarter of the year, yes? Let's hope Take-Two and Rockstar are closer to confirming a finalized release date for GTAIV than we think…

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