Okay, folks, yesterday we told you about the new firmware update. On top of that, the PSP also got a new firmware update: 3.80. Now, we were provided with a features list for the PS3 firmware update, and yet, somehow nobody knew of one critical update. From now on, with these firmwares, you are able to play every single one of your original PlayStation games (downloaded and actual discs) on your PSP via PlayStation 3 remote play.

If you aren't aware what remote play is, it's a feature that allows the user to listen to music, play movies, watch pictures, and even play videogames on their PSP off of their PlayStation 3. And it can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection present. Quite frankly, this is a pretty spectacular addition to both consoles, so go on, and give a shot.

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