According to TheBitBag, Sony has released their latest PlayStation In Review data, and it's awfully encouraging.

First off, since November 2, Sony reports that sales of both the 40GB and 80GB PS3 have increased 330%. We already knew it was around 300% thanks to the NPD data last week, but there's more good news- a total of 54 new titles are either hitting retail store shelves or the PlayStation Store this holiday season, and there are over 1.8 million registered Network users in North America alone. Sony says the Store currently boasts over 650 pieces of downloadable content, and a recent price promotion for several games ( Calling All Cars , Everyday Shooter , Pixel Junk Racers ) has generated a crazy 920% increase in total downloads. Last but certainly not least, it seems PlayStation-branded hardware revenue is up 95% in North America when compared to last year's January-October span.

Oh, and the fiscal year predictions are pretty staggering: Sony expects to sell 33 million PlayStation hardware units and 250 million software units worldwide by March 31, 2008. We assume this includes the much-debated goal of 11 million PS3 units by that same date. In short, it seems everything PlayStation is coming up roses, so let's see if the December numbers reflect a continuous surge.

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