Could we be looking at some very valuable info regarding Killzone 2 when next month's Official PlayStation Magazine hits newsstands? One of the hottest rumors making the rounds is that the next OPM includes several juicy details about Sony's massively anticipated FPS, and we're hoping they're true. We assume this comes from the UK edition of OPM, because this info certainly isn't in the North American version.

Above all else, it seems there is mention of that beta we've all been waiting to hear more about. It's still only a rumor – and probably will be until we actually have the magazine in our hands – but here's what the unofficial site for the game, KillzoneUnit, says is featured in the article-

Killzone 2 also promises the inclusion of player-controlled vehicles.

Public beta test in mid `08

”We asked deJonge to tell us a secret, “As you know,they[Helghast] are not the only inhabitants.”

Okay, so we're looking at vehicles, "other inhabitants," and perhaps even more importantly, the official unveiling of that long-awaited beta. Guerilla has been saying for months now that they will definitely have a beta for Killzone 2 , but they haven't yet announced a launch date. In fact, they wouldn't even offer an estimate until now, so we're desperately hoping this new info is accurate. Of course, "mid-'08" is a bit later than we had anticipated, but that's okay. We'd rather they didn't rush this one, anyway.

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