A new PlayStation 3 firmware is about to hit, and this one bumps you up to version 2.10. The firmware will set sail for PlayStation 3 users to download sometime tomorrow afternoon (December 18th). Remember folks, you will need at least 120MB available on your PlayStation 3's hard drive in order to update. This new firmware includes a few features, one in particular that many have been begging for.

First, there's the Voice Changer, which allows you to manipulate the tone of your voice from baritone, all the way down to a chipmunk soprano. We hope people keep the chipmunk noises down to a minimum, but hey, you can't prevent goons from being goons. The Voice Changer will work for both video and voice chat. Five preset levels will be made available, ranging from high to low.

More importantly, the PlayStation 3 now supports DiVx and WMV playback, an update people having been desperately asking for. Now, DiVx based sites like Stage 6, are fully viewable using your PlayStation 3's browser. In addition, you'll now be able to store and view DiVx and WMV on your hard-drive. Additionally, Blu-Ray Disc 1.1 is officially supported with this update, as well. Picture-in-picture viewing is just one of the cool new features that Blu-Ray 1.1 allows for. The first wave of Blu-Ray 1.1 discs will be hitting this January. The news bit also mentions something about a Blu-Ray Data Utility being added, but we're not quite sure what that feature is for.

Lastly, an audio enhancing feature has been added for those who store music on their PlayStation 3. There is a third music setting (Type 3) when viewing "Music Settings" in the "Bitmapping" subfolder.

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