Mezone is coming. We have no idea what that is just yet, but it seems Sony has applied for a patent for this name; it's a brand new "television and home entertainment system." Could this be the next iteration of the PlayStation 3…?

According to PS3 Gaming, Sony filed on December 5 for the patent, and the details cover quite a large range of entertainment functionality. Included in the big list- "Computer hardware, set top boxes, remote controls, and computer software and peripherals, namely audio and video receivers and transmitters and computer software programs enabling receipt, download, playing, personalized and interactive viewing," etc. Now, a lot of that might not interest you, but please note the "playing" part. Games must be featured in some way, right? We know PlayStation Home and Sir Howard Stringer's "Network overhaul" are hitting next year, so perhaps a PlayStation 3.5 isn't entirely out of the question.

However, the system is already pretty damn capable, and after four models and a couple price drops, we doubt Sony would want to change things up again on the consumer. Right now, the popular rumor is that Mezone is some other system for fully connecting media and users; an all-encompassing social networking service of some kind. isn't up right now, so we'll just have to wait and see what Sony has planned.

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