Perhaps you weren't aware, but New Zealand has acquired the title of "PlayStation Nation" in the past, and in looking at these numbers, it's no real surprise. Obviously, this means a lot of New Zealand natives are seeking a PlayStation 3 this holiday season.

According to GamePlanet and independent market tracker GfK, 68,434 PlayStation-branded systems have sold in New Zealand since the launch of the PS3 in March. Not surprisingly, the PS2 heads the list, but in stark contrast to other regions, the PS3 dominated the next-gen consoles since launch, and the PSP is the easy winner in the handheld category. That's right, even the global power that is the Nintendo DS can't topple Sony in New Zealand! The PS3, PS2 and PSP snagged the top three spots in November game sales, too.

"Less than a year after launch, the PlayStation has been embraced by serious gamers and home entertainment enthusiasts alike, making the PS3 the top selling 'next generation' console in November 2007," said Warwick Light, General Manager of Sales and Marketing for SCE New Zealand. "In fact, since its launch on 23 March 2007, the PS3 has been the top selling 'next generation' console overall, selling 15,172 units."

The PS2 remains the most popular console in New Zealand, and Light called it the "perfect family entertainment solution." The PSP completes the trifecta by being the second most popular console overall, due in part to the launch of the PSP Slim & Lite and that Limited Edition The Simpsons PSP bundle. Not surprisingly, Light expects December to be another huge month for Sony in New Zealand, and finishes up by saying, "there has never been a better time for fans and newcomers alike."

You New Zealanders really love your Sony products, huh? Well then, PSXE had better be bookmarked on all your PCs!

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