Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe has always been great about keeping the players in the loop; he frequently posts updates over at the official PlayStation blog. Well, partly in honor of next week's Omega Dawn booster pack for the game, Jobe made another recent entry with a few extra announcements.

First, and as if you didn't already know (we keep tellin' ya!), Omega Dawn will be available worldwide on December 20. For US gamers, it'll cost you $7.99 to download the pack, which includes a new map – Omega Factory – that features night flying, as well as a brand new ship; the KT-424 Combat Dropship. A day before this, the team will put out the v1.2 game patch (at 10:00 GMT/2 a.m. Pacific). The patch, along with the scheduled maintenance between 10:00 and 16:00 GMT, is apparently for the benefit of the new expansion, as he didn't make any mention of what v1.2 does beyond that.

He also wanted everyone to know they're not sitting back and taking a much-deserved rest after all this. They're already hard at work a v1.3 update! He didn't go into detail, but he did say it would include some "game stuff" and provided one very significant hint- it has something to do with troops. Oh yeah? Are we talking about modifying the infantry we already have, or are we talking about extra, specified troops? The new dropship is definitely a specified unit; perhaps the team is taking that same approach with ground units. We'll have to wait and see, but for now, mark your calendars for that v1.2 patch and, of course, Omega Dawn .

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