The mountain that Blu-Ray is building is getting much, much steeper and the chances of HD-DVD climbing it are looking slimmer by the week. For the week ending December 9th, Nielsen Video Scan's official numbers summarize an enormous 76:24 advantage for Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray titles accounted for eight out of ten spots of last week's best high-definition sellers, with Pirates 3 leading strong at number-one. The year to date has Blu-Ray ahead far away with 65% of the market share, and HD-DVD holding the remaining 35%.

Overall, since the introduction of both formats, Blu-Ray's hold continues to be rock solid, as Sony's medium controls 62% of the high-def market share, compared to 38% of HD-DVD. While a select few analysts believe that HD-DVD should experience a resurgence, we're of the opinion that it's unlikely. With a large selection of titles, a rumor that Warner Bros. will jump over to the Blu-Ray camp, Blu-Ray drives being attached to PCs at a higher rate, and the recent spike of PlayStation 3 sales, it's only a matter of time before BD completely dominates the HD sector.

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