Okay, so this whole Rock Band and Guitar Hero III incompatibility drama has become annoying as all hell, right? Basically, the Rock Band guitar doesn't work with Guitar Hero III, and vice versa. Well Harmonix stated their piece, and now Activision published a little letter to GameDaily informing them of their side to the story. Basically, the letter states that Harmonix's public words about the issue are misleading, and that Activision has offered to reach an agreement. Here's a snippet of it:

"…Harmonix and its parent company MTV Games/Viacom recently declined Activision's offer to reach an agreement that would allow the use of Guitar Hero guitar controllers with Rock Band. We have been and remain open to discussions with Harmonix and MTV Games/Viacom about the use of our technology in Rock Band. Unfortunately for Rock Band users, in this case Harmonix and MTV Games/Viacom are unwilling to discuss an agreement with Activision."

We at PSXE are going to go out on a limb and raise the B.S. flag on this one, in the most polite and sincere way possible. This letter makes it fairly clear that Activision is seeking licensing fees for the ability to use their GHIII guitar in Rock Band, and Harmonix wants no part of it. To end their letter, Activision claims that their "top priority is to provide consumers with a seamless marriage of best-in-class hardware and software."

Guys, if that were the case, drop the B.S. and allow gamers to use their guitars in more than one game. And that's all I have to say about that. At this pace, a resolution in the near future looks fairly doubtful. We'll keep you posted.

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