In addition to Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, and Unreal Tournament III, there is a fourth highly-anticipated first person adventure: The Orange Box. To be frank, I'm not sure whether or not I should call this Half-Life 2: The Orange Box, or just The Orange Box – it's a little confusing, honestly. Still, what's most important is that the PlayStation 3 version has arrived to retailers nationwide this week in North America and Europe. EA has also announced that French and German dubbed versions will be released in Early 2008.

In case you aren't familiar with the contents of The Orange Box, it includes five games, all in one package. And those games are: Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. You should be well aware of the critical success that Half-Life 2 has already amassed, and if you've yet to experience this fine FPS, you've been missing out.

What's special about The Orange Box is that Episode Two, Portal, and Team Fortress 2 are all new games. Below is a list of their descriptions.

Half Life 2: Episode Two – Episode 2 is the latest chapter in the best-selling, highest-rated action game franchise of all time, taking gamers outside the walls of City 17 for the first time as Gordon and Alyx race across the White Forest in race to save mankind from the Combine.

Port – A groundbreaking new kind of action game that will forever change the way gamers interact with their environment, Portal gives players mastery over 3D space with the mind-bending new Portal gun.

Team Fortress 2 – The long-awaited return of the standard for class-based multiplayer games, Team Fortress 2 delivers fast-paced action with nine distinct character classes and six all-new gameplay modes.

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