The PlayStation Store is often a hotbed of activity, especially when high-profile demos come out – stay tuned for our hands-on Burnout Paradise impressions – but that doesn't mean everyone has access to all the content. Sure, you need a fast Internet connection, but that may not be the issue for you…perhaps you don't have a credit card.

Granted, this won't stop you from downloading free stuff like demos and trailers, but for full games and expansions (the Omega Dawn add-on for Warhawk leaps readily to mind), you need a current and functioning credit card. However, if you don't, Sony has an early holiday gift for you- the PlayStation Network Card, which is pictured here (source- PS3Fanboy). You can use this nifty little creation to purchase PS3 or PSP downloads on the Store, although there are no exact details at this time. We expect to see this magical thing grace retail shelves very soon, though, and probably well before December 25. We'd also like to know if we can put whatever amount we want on them, or if they come with a set amount (like the $20 one shown here). Either way, it's just another option for PS3 owners who either aren't old enough for a credit card or simply don't want one.

Whenever Sony issues the concrete release details on the PlayStation Network Card, we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, be on the lookout in case they arrive at your local game store without any official announcement!

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wen is this commin out

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