November is without a doubt the craziest month of the year for
retailers. It is by far the busiest, largely thanks to Black
Friday. So it goes without mention that for guys like me,
November sales numbers are usually the most anticipated. In
particular, this month is important because it highlights the
PlayStation 3's performance post-40GB release. And, while I'm
normally harsh, I'm going to have to say that the PlayStation 3's
sales for November aren't so bad.

Clearly, the victor here is Nintendo, the Wii's near
1-million approach is phenomenal. But I actually think that the
Xbox 360's sales could've been higher considering Mass Effect,
the remnants of Halo 3, and the price-drop. Nevertheless, it
outsold the PlayStation 3 by 300k units. The PSP continues to
perform very well, despite a lack of software, and we assume the
new price-tag, slimmer design, and additional features may have
something to do with it. Overall, even though Sony's consoles
didn't come out on top, they still performed reasonably well
across the board, especially the aging PlayStation 2.

Now, the next big thing to anticipate will be to see if Unreal
Tournament III has any impact on PlayStation 3 sales, and how the
numbers will change in December.

Nintendo DS 1.53M

Nintendo Wii 981k

Xbox 360 770k

Sony PSP 567k

Sony PS2 496k

Sony PS3 466k

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