Perhaps we all missed this one, but either way, it's slipping in right under our very noses. It seems that a playable Burnout Paradise demo is hitting the PlayStation Store and Live Marketplace in…well, in about 10 minutes. That's right, the demo should go live at midnight on Thursday, which is basically right now (source- Kikizo). Only one thing we're confused about- what time zone are we talking about? That's kind of important.

Anyway, EA will be throwing up this demo in the hopes that gamers will get uber-excited for the game, which is scheduled to arrive early next year. We have no idea what might be included in this demo, but we're definitely intrigued due to it's open-ended style. If we can roam about wherever we wish, will we get a chance to sample this supposedly huge city, taking part in several different events? Will the demo really be that big, or are we just looking at a few pre-set events like in the old Burnout s? Demos have varied greatly this year, ranging from only about 10 minutes to as long as 30 minutes, so you never know what you're going to get.

We'll keep looking to see if this demo is on the Store, and if it is, we'll check it out. 'looks at Store' Nope, not there yet. 'looks again' …nope. Oh well, we've still got a few minutes to wait. But by the time you're done reading this, it'll definitely be there, so get to it!

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