We had expected – and hoped – to see our favorite golf series arrive this year, but any and all news seemed to dissipate a few months ago. Since then, we haven't heard much of anything regarding Hot Shots Golf 5 . The game is already out in Japan, and not surprisingly, it has been tearing up the sales charts like nobody's business. It likely won't have the same impact in North America, but it has always been relatively popular…if only we knew when it might show up.

Well, according to PS3Fanboy, Hot Shots Golf 5 is now scheduled to come stateside in March 2008. No exact date was given, but at least it's a release window, and that's better than nothing. Heck, up until now, the HSG camp has been almost entirely silent regarding the fifth entry in this long-running franchise, so any update at all is refreshing. We've already had plenty of time to sample the playable demo on the Japanese PlayStation Store, although now we can probably expect the demo to arrive for the US PlayStation Store as well. Perhaps we'll get a slightly more enhanced version…? You know, another character or course to tool around with? Maybe that's being too optimistic, but whatever.

With SCEA quiet on Hot Shots Golf 5 , we figured it wouldn't make it in time for the holidays. But if we're looking on the bright side of things, March is certainly better than never. We'll take it.

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