Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, has always been a great one for optimism. Right from the start, he seemed confident in the PlayStation 3 and all its abilities, and as the system gains a full head of steam heading into this holiday season, his expectations are starting to come true. But there's one more very large step to take, and it involves the PlayStation Network and, potentially, PlayStation Home.

According to Spong, Stringer gave a speech to investors in Tokyo and tops on the agenda is the plan to "upgrade the PlayStation Network to enable great connectivity between the PlayStation 3 and other devices." This Network overhaul, which may or may not include PlayStation Home, will launch on April 1, 2008. This fits in nicely with Kaz Hirai's announcement at this year's Tokyo Game Show that Home would arrive at some point in the "Spring of 2008." Stringer says the PS3 will eventually be able to connect to many other electronic devices (mobile phones, for example), but above all else, the Network upgrade "puts us in the direct line of Apple and Microsoft." Stringer apparently didn't go into any further details regarding this upgrade, but just for the sake of argument – and our own optimism – we'll say this includes PlayStation Home.

Whenever Sony decides to issue an official launch confirmation for this appealing online service, we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, we'll just hope April 1 is a realistic date.

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