Well, we were kinda hoping against hope that it would arrive in time for the 2008 holiday season, but that was probably pushing it. Provided this inside source is correct, God of War III is scheduled for release some time in 2009.

According to TheGameReviews, the game's composer, Cris Velasco, confirmed the title would release in 2009. Furthermore, the massively anticipated action title will support full 1080p high-definition visuals and feature both rumble and motion-sensing from the Sixaxis and Dual Shock 3. None of that is really surprising, considering we should be seeing such features on a routine basis by 2009, but they're still good to know. Now, if only we could get Sony or the Santa Monica team to issue a few early details about the game itself, we'd be in business. Above all else, we basically want God of War II only with better graphics, a new storyline, and perhaps a slightly tweaked gameplay system. But don't you dare mess it up; it was close to perfect the first two times!

As soon as we hear anything new about God of War III – anything – we'll be sure to let you know. At the very least, this means the game won't have to compete with the likes of MGS4, GTAIV, GT5, FFXIII, etc. in 2008, right? Not that it wouldn't be a great competition; we're just saying…

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