We're still not sure when we'll see Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy Versus XIII , primarily because we haven't the slightest idea where Square-Enix is in terms of development progress. A recent report that said they were having trouble with the White Engine turned out to be erroneous, and it seems both titles are still scheduled for late next year.

Therefore, any and all news regarding either title is big news, and brand new trailers definitely qualify as important. According to Forever-Fantasy, a Square-Enix published book, CLOUD, will soon be released in Japan. A DVD comes packaged with the book as a bonus, and this DVD boasts all new videos for both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII ! Now, these highly anticipated trailers are bound to get a ton of attention, but if they're only available on this DVD that comes out in Japan, how will we see them? Well, perhaps the trailers will go global…on the PlayStation Store. We have no evidence to suggest this will happen, but the timing would make perfect sense.

CLOUD releases on December 14, and perhaps that's about the time the trailers will hit the Store, too. If not, at least we can hope to see them uploaded to places like YouTube and GameTrailers, right? We'll keep an eye on when (and if) they pop up somewhere.

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