When Capcom announced the new generation would see a brand new Street Fighter installment, old-school gamers around the globe rejoiced. Well, "rejoice" may be too strong of a word, just because previous entries in the series were either mediocre or downright terrible. However, Street Fighter IV continues to get all kinds of good press, and this sucker is going to get a big unveiling in the January edition of EGM.

In the meantime, 1Up has issued the first details and in-game screenshot for the game, so we definitely have the basics. First of all, our fighting will once again take place in 2D despite the "polygonal graphics." We've all been wondering if they would stick to the age-old formula with only a slight nod towards the 3D generation, and now it seems they'll satisfy original SF fans. Furthermore, we can expect all new locations and moves (although the 6-button control scheme remains), and a few popular cast returnees. Our ol' buddies Ryu and Ken are coming back, along with fan favorite Chun-Li. Beyond that, we're not really sure about the other characters…how's about Guile and Sagat, guys?

We're still not sure which platforms are targeted for Street Fighter IV , although the common perception is that the game will arrive for both PS3 and Xbox 360. Hopefully, this information will be included in that upcoming EGM feature, and we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

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